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Founded in 1975, COMEUP winches have been distributed more than 60 countries throughout 5 continents. COMEUP offers consumers worldwide the most reliable, high performance winching products and is one of the world's most recognized names for "the ultimate winching solution".

ComeUp winches reputation for quality, durability and innovative engineering won it the selection for use by Artic Truck in Polar expeditions to both the South and the North Poles. The expedition to the North Pole was captured on film by the popular international television program “Top Gear”.

ComeUp Seal Gen1 9.5rsi Winch

P/N: 293244
Special order

£1,019.73inc VAT £849.78ex VAT

ComeUp Seal Gen1 9.5s Winch

P/N: 293010
Special order

£905.50inc VAT £754.58ex VAT

ComeUp Seal Gen2 9.5rsi Winch

P/N: 295860
Special order

£1,417.49inc VAT £1,181.24ex VAT

ComeUp Seal Gen2 9.5si Winch

P/N: 295880
Special order

£1,331.53inc VAT £1,109.61ex VAT

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