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Terrafirma (Latin meaning Solid Earth). The Terrafirma range of Jeep accessories has been created to meet the demands of Jeep enthusiasts and is distributed Worldwide through Allmakes 4x4 authorised parts and accessory dealers. Terrafirma offers choice, clear product identification and application, making sure the correct product can be selected from the extensive range of accessories. The largest category in the range is Terrafirma Serious Suspension. To satisfy the diverse requirements of 4x4 owners both on and off road. Other Terrafirma products also available include: Performance exhausts, cross drilled and grooved brake discs, Terrafirma Power Plug diesel power upgrades, reinforced steering rods, winch mounts & bumpers and with new products being evaluated and tested for introduction in the near future Terrafirma will become one of the most recognized 4x4 accessory brands. Terrafirma is an Allmakes 4x4 brand.

30mm Wheel Spacer Kit (6x139)

P/N: TF3001
Special order

£144.43inc VAT £120.36ex VAT
£874.99inc VAT £729.16ex VAT

5" LED Round Spot Light Kit

P/N: TF705
Special order

£89.27inc VAT £74.39ex VAT

Compact 8, Side Shooter LED Lights

P/N: TF716
Special order

£181.93inc VAT £151.61ex VAT

Front Shock Absorber, Hilux (05-15)

P/N: TF1602
Special order

£77.14inc VAT £64.28ex VAT

LED Down Lighter, Scene

P/N: TF719
Special order

£29.71inc VAT £24.76ex VAT

Rear Roof Access Ladder, Defender

P/N: TF980
Special order

£116.65inc VAT £97.21ex VAT

Rear Shock Absorber, Hilux (05-15)

P/N: TF1603
Special order

£63.90inc VAT £53.25ex VAT

Recovery Strap, 30ft

P/N: TFSS11000
Special order

£51.77inc VAT £43.14ex VAT

Roof Rack, Full Length, Defender 110

P/N: TF975
Special order

£818.80inc VAT £682.33ex VAT

Switch Panel System (8 Way)

P/N: TF7010
Special order

£199.95inc VAT £166.62ex VAT

TF Raised Air Intake, Defender

P/N: TF1038
Special order

£203.94inc VAT £169.95ex VAT

Tree Strap, 5m

Special order

£24.18inc VAT £20.15ex VAT

Winch Bumper Numberplate Mount

P/N: TF155
Available for immediate dispatch

£14.50inc VAT £12.08ex VAT

Winch Extension Strap, 20m

P/N: TFES11000
Special order

£42.94inc VAT £35.78ex VAT

Wind Deflectors, Hilux (05-15)

P/N: TF6094
Special order

£29.71inc VAT £24.76ex VAT

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