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The unbeatable toughness and durability of our lights means they are ideally suited for the most extreme conditions such as Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Marine and Extreme off road motorsport. Whatever application our lights are used for they will not let you down.

The incredible levels of illumination from even the smallest of lights far exceeds the ageing HID and Halogen counterparts and the cheaper, poor quality LEDs that we all see advertised on auction sites. To put it in perspective one of our small Compact 4 lights produce 3200 Lumens of light while consuming 2.8 amps of power. Compare these figures to a standard 55 watt halogen light found on many vehicles which produce only 900 lumens of light while drawing a massive 5 amps of power.

Our build and robustness far outclasses most of our competitors. Very few lights out in the market today have water and dust ingress rating of both IP68 & IP69K which is the highest standard available combined with class leading Grade A CREE & OSLON LED chips.

Our lights have proven themselves in the toughest race on the planet in the Dakar 2016, The epic extreme overland race in South America, that requires the drivers and cars to deal with the heat of over +40°C in deserts and down to -10°C when going over the Andes. Dealing with the dust and Fesh Fesh of Bolivia and spray from a soaked salt lake bed after an unexpected storm, our lights were chosen by one of the top teams and placed on front of an Overland racing Toyota Hilux. During the two weeks of racing the race car was involved in no less than 4 major incidents which required the front end of the car to be completely rebuilt. The lights never needed to be changed.

Bonnet Light Mounts, Ranger

P/N: WDD0101H
Special order

£37.44inc VAT £31.20ex VAT

Compact 4 LED Light - Diffused Beam

P/N: WDD0296
Special order

£79.49inc VAT £66.24ex VAT

Compact 4 LED Light - Flood Beam

P/N: WDD0039
Available for immediate dispatch

£79.50inc VAT £66.25ex VAT

Compact 4 LED Light - Spot Beam

P/N: WDD0040
Available for immediate dispatch

£79.49inc VAT £66.24ex VAT

Duplex 3, 50" LED Light Bar

P/N: WDD0070
Special order

£423.30inc VAT £352.75ex VAT

Duplex 5, 10" Scene LED Light Bar

P/N: WDD0066
Special order

£259.87inc VAT £216.56ex VAT

Mesh Grill Curve 5 Light Bar Kit, Ranger (16-18)

Special order

£453.35inc VAT £377.79ex VAT

Solo 10" LED Light Bar - Driving Edition

P/N: WDS0018
Special order

£181.74inc VAT £151.45ex VAT

Solo 20" LED Light Bar

P/N: WDS0047
Special order

£285.10inc VAT £237.58ex VAT

Solo 40" LED Light Bar

P/N: WDS0049
Special order

£568.06inc VAT £473.38ex VAT

Solo 50" LED Light Bar

P/N: WDS0050
Special order

£624.87inc VAT £520.72ex VAT

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